Music for Web Sites

We provide an easy way for anyone to get royalty-free music onto a web site.

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1 Audition
Roll-over the buttons to arrow_right.gif (834 bytes)arrow_right.gif (834 bytes)arrow_right.gif (834 bytes)
audition web site music.

2 Customize
Set volume & length of your web site music.
Add real sound effects.

3 Integrate
Your customized, royalty free music is embedded into your web site within two working days - at no extra charge.


We are pioneering the provision of internet-ready music and sound to businesses. We sell customized, original music 'internet-ready' -  we embed music into your web site for you - at no extra charge.

Web Designers
No longer is web site music restricted to Flash designers. We provide your web site music with its HTML code, customized and ready to go on your web site. It doesn't get any quicker and simpler.

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